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Long Love Poems

Whisper “I Love You”

Close your eyes, {Whispering} I love you
Take a deep breath, Kissing your lips tenderly
Open your heart , And say what you feel
We have time, darling, To explore our wants
I Love You, With all my heart
Close your eyes, {Whispering} I want you
Take a deep breath, And feel my desire
Open your heart ,Tell me you love me
I love you ,And that will never change

"Love Is Hidden"

I have a feeling that is strong
A feeling deep inside
A feeling i must never share
A love i have to hide
i wish so much that i could tell
My feelings all to you
I hope so much that you’d listen
And say you love me too
But it wouldnt work,
I dont know how it could
I cry because it can’t
Because it never would
I know that you’re too much
More than i ever had
And now you wont be mine
So now i am sad
You probably wont believe
These words i just said
Then why is my heart dying
And why is it dead


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"Dreams Come True"

In the middle of the night;
I awaken.
Dreams on my mind;
Love in the make’n.
Was it the kiss;
moister on my lips.
Or maybe the goosebumps
from the caress of your fingertips.
Hear the pounding
of my heart beat.
Love surrounding
the night in heat.
Never fails, my dreams of you;
To awaken by love that is true.
I don’t mind my nights awake;
when it’s dreams of you that I make.
Those dreams are made-up of
what lie inside.
A swollen heart of love;
Your my joy and that I pride.
I can’t think of a better reason why;
You stole my heart,You caught my eye.
And so long as I have you;
I have a dream come true.

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