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Short Love Poems

"Love To Stay Forever"

I will walk with you without going astray, Even if hardships ahead they lay
I will give you a loving hug everyday, No matter whether the sky is sunny or gray
I will shield you when harm comes your way, You must not be hurt come what may
I will make your days happy and gay, For your fears I will try to allay
I will remember the days to buy you a bouquet, Till I’m old and my memory is in disarray
I now only have this to convey, That I love you and my love is here to stay.

"Your All Mine"

The touch of your lips, The smell of your hair
It makes me go mad, I want you so bad
Your smile is perfect, your figure is divine
I’m so happy I met you and that you are all mine

"By My Side"

When I wake up with you, By my side
I hope and pray, that you will abide
To this I know, it must be true
That special day I fell in love with you

"If You're Asking"

If you're asking if I need you the answer is forever
If you're asking if ill leave you the answer is never
If you're asking what I value the answer is you
If you're asking if I love you the answer is I do

"A Love To Smile Upon"

In my heart I can clearly detect
These feelings to cherish and protect
A woman whom I can connect
And who has given me more than I expect.

I’m certainly beginning to suspect
That as a lover you are simply perfect
Making me love you in every respect
Can’t help but smile whenever I stop to reflect


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