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Short Love Poems

"A Candle Within"

A candle within me
A small flame burning,
Fueled by your eyes, your laughter, your astonishing smile.

A yearning within me
An aching longing,
Deepened by your joy, your charm, your ephemeral grace.

A love within me
A passion everlasting,
You dance among the stars, and in my fevered heart.

Author – Hattie Yang


Imagine the woods,
Without a tree,
Imagine the rivers,
Without the sea,
Imagine yourself,
Without me,
Imagine how lost,
I would be.

Author – Pete Shilling

"On That Day"

On that day we first made out, we kissed, we cuddled and I fell in love
From that day forth, I knew it would be, just you and me for eternity
I hope one day we look back and say, im so glad I met you on that day


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